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Why Suspension?

We love Suspension at Physiotique studio!


You will love integrating Suspension into your fitness routine because of its ability to develop muscle stability and strength while simply leveraging gravity and your body weight. It provides a total-body workout in a short time, targeting the core-group; contributing to body-wide strength and stability. 


Suspension adds a new dimension to your stability and flexibility practice. Our three piece equipment is different from TRX because it includes a hammock and three levels of handles to provide opportunity for a wide range of stability exercises, stretches and hanging poses. 


With our Suspension sling the efficacy of your familiar exercises like planks and push-ups is instantly turned up and can be safely modified to suit your level by merely taking a step forward or backward to change your relationship to gravity. 


The most popular feature of our Suspension sessions is the inversion hang to decompress your spine. It feels amazing and is really effective and easy. 


Schedule a Suspension session at the Studio to learn how you can have a fun, creative, challenging and safe new exercise routine and consider purchasing a set of Suspension silks to have at home for daily fun and fitness! 

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